EUG has strategic agreements with a vast number of regional and national retail and wholesale energy providers.  Combined with EUG's consultations and advice you will reduce your energy spend. 

The company does business in the wholesale market as well. As a FERC Power Marketer in all six regions of the United States, EUG wholesales electricity and natural gas to utilities and provides utility scale battery storage solutions. 

Energy Procurement
Energy Procurement


Additional Information

A Photovoltaic (PV) System is composed of one or more solar panels combined with an inverter and other electrical and mechanical hardware that receive energy from the Sun to generate electricity. PV systems can vary greatly in size from small rooftop or portable systems to massive utility-scale generation plants. 

EUG offers solar plus storage systems to our commercial and utility customers as part of the integrated approach to sustainability, cost and carbon footprint reduction. 

EUG offers commercial solar PV systems through a strategic unique teaming agreement. 

Through this unique relationship, EUG provides our customers comprehensive design and turnkey engineering, procurement and construction.

Federal Tax Benefits, local incentives, and rebate programs are utilized to reduce asset system costs and accelerates pay back periods to 4 years on some projects.

Energy Utility Group offers off-site solar, renewable power purchase agreements, and renewable energy credits. If 100% renewable energy is the goal, EUG can get you there.

Solar PV Systems and Energy Storage
Solar PV Systems and Energy Storage



Energy Utility Group was the certified WBE Consultant on the commercial battery energy storage solution for the Austin Energy SHINES U.S. Department of Energy Grant Project. 

This project won the Greentech Media 2018 Innovation of the year award.  Virtual Power Plants were created with battery energy storage with Artificial Intelligence Software to predict and anticipate usage while shaving peak load, and storing and discharging energy to the grid. 

EUG's role as consultant included: City of Austin permits - application to final permits, collaboration with building. electrical. AUX power, meter variance, interconnect. & fire department to develop the cities ESS permit process; local project management for prime STEM and client scheduling for install, shut-downs for interconnections and inspections; logistics, shipping of batteries, rack and  metering equipment; and meters for each site. 

EUG and Austin Energy are the FIRST to successfully secure battery energy storage solution permits from the City of Austin.   

This permitting  process that EUG and the City of Austin developed is now used in California.

Energy Utility Group was also the WBE part of an Independent Review Team to review and provide alternatives to Austin Energy's Combine Cycle Plant. EUG provided current market pricing, maintenance costs for solar, wind, and battery energy storage for 500MW in various scenarios of each element or combination and water impact of each scenario. 

Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed Energy Resources



The energy industry is in the early stages of a ‘DISRUPTION’. Renewable energy plus battery storage is changing the way we consume and generate energy. 

Many believe in the future everyone will be generating, storing, and sharing energy. The City of Chicago has a mandate FOR 100% SELF GENERATION THROUGH RENEWABLE ENERGY BY 2045 as does the State of California. 


The emergence of micro grids is part of this ‘DISRUPTION’. As cities, neighborhoods, and states implement renewable energy plus battery storage, and predictive software for grid management, the ‘GRID’ as we know it will change. 

We are moving towards micro-grids generating energy to service cities or even neighborhoods. 

Think about your neighborhood generating energy and storing the excess energy generated during the day and selling it back to the GRID through intelligent software. We’re not there yet; but it is coming quicker than you think.

How Will Energy Usage Affect You In The Future?

You will need to make plans to self generate energy, store energy, and be a part of a distributed energy micro-grid with artificial intelligence driven resource systems software. 

Look for electric cars to be part of the mix. As of 2018, electric bus battery can power a bus 300 miles. 

Think about leaving your electric car at the airport and instead of paying for parking you pay nothing because you allow your battery to be used in the micro-grid of the airport. 

The Energy Industry is in DISRUPTION - very similar to telephone industry change as it evolved from brick phones to smart phones in a matter of years.

If you are not planning to be a part of this disruption you will be paying very high energy rates.  

There are tax credits (some may be changing) and incentives to get you to move step by step to generate your own energy.

EUG can help.

Micro-Generation and Mini-Grids
Micro-Generation and Mini-Grids


EUG provides energy auditing services to all of its clients as part of its consultative approach.  Mr. O'Brien leads EUG's energy auditing initiatives and is responsible for finance, technology, and operations. Mr. O’Brien has conducted numerous audits in his career that saved one international client $25 million. Tim has over 20 years of accounting, financial operations and technology experience. 

Mr. O’Brien excels at product/market development and implementation, online business systems, and business analysis and improvement. Tim translates complex energy data, financial information, and processes into critical knowledge for executives and other stakeholders.  

Energy Auditing
Energy Auditing


Energy Efficiency Consulting helps reduce energy consumption through various methods while attaining the same amount of output is energy efficiency. 

For example, replacing a traditional 60-watt bulb with an energy-efficient 12-watt LED bulb provides the same level of light yet uses 75-80% less energy. 

The first step for all customers is looking at the historical usage data. Each type of business has a ‘typical’ demand curve when there are efficiency issues this is one of the first places for it to show up. 

When demand and delivery charges are outside of the ‘typical’ curve for the type of business, EUG begins the discussion. 

Other times, EUG’s customers have sustainability goals or a desire to be more efficient to minimize energy costs.

EUG offers customers a variety of energy efficiency options that customers are looking for, such as: energy efficiency audits; renewable energy, LED retrofits, and lighting controls.

Energy Efficiency Consulting
Energy Efficiency Consulting



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