Energy Consulting Services

 Deregulation and Choice

        Energy deregulation in America has created a new emerging market along with a     steep learning curve for residential, commercial, and enterprise customers.  This creates both advantages and disadvantages.  Consumers have the power to choose from a myriad of providers and from a variety of products.  The savings to this line item expense can be immediately realized to the bottom line. These realized savings may come with hidden risks for those not aware of the inherent industry complexities.  Without a thorough understanding of the types of products available and the risks associated, a commercial or enterprise company could be exposed to additional charges that could potentially run into the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars within days or weeks.  For the residential customer understanding the ‘true’ cost for energy is complex & confusing making comparison shopping a challenge. 

All new customers are provided an annual energy bill audit and usage data collection and analysis.  These audits are done to assess current assumed risk and provide clients a clear effective rate.  Energy Utility Group’s wholesale and retail expertise provides enterprise customers a unique understanding of how market conditions, trends, and products work together to optimize savings while minimizing risks and exploiting windows of opportunities.   The expertise brought to customers continues through an on-going market analysis; Energy Utility Group brings opportunities to customers throughout the contract term whenever possible.  EUG offers energy procurement, aggregation and demand response services.

Solar Systems, Natural Gas Micro Generation, & Fueling Solutions:

  Energy Utility Group offers alternative energy solutions to residential,   commercial, and enterprise customers with or without market deregulation.  The current infrastructure in America is nearing capacity and Federal/State/Local governments and utilities are offering credits and rebates to entice consumers (residential, commercial & enterprise) to install solar/photo voltaic panel systems to reduce the demand with renewable energy.  The technology on solar panels has reached a pinnacle coupled with the cost plummeting as manufacturer leverage economies of scale, making solar an affordable option with a 5 year payback period and continued savings for over 40+ years for any consumer.  The average solar system saves up to 75% or more on a current energy bill.   The impact of an average home or small business using 15,000 kWh per year and installing solar panels saves 10.3 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which translates into 3.7 tons of waste sent to the landfill or saves 8.5 acres of trees.  For a commercial or enterprise customer this savings is material and directly impacts the bottom line increasing profitability for years to come.  For customers who are not a good fit or are not quite ready for solar, EUG offers energy efficiency solutions to reduce energy usage.  For more information on environmental impact of reduced carbon emissions, visit

Natural gas micro generation is another option for enterprise size customers looking for an alternative energy solution or for back-up generation.  This option can reduce electricity costs up to 50% and has an average payback period of 18 to 24 months based on usage.  This option allows companies to participate in demand response options and get paid for generating their own power at peak time on the grid. 

For customers with a fleet of vehicles, EUG offers a compressed natural gas turn-key fueling solution.  Even with declining fuel costs, customers can save up to $1 per gallon equivalency with natural gas and tax incentives.  Since 2014, both Ford and GM offer natural gas heavy duty trucks.  A turn-key compressed natural gas fueling station is a perfect solution for mass transit, fleets, or retailers providing fueling for the public.  Natural gas is cleaner, greener, cheaper, and domestically abundant.  A turn-key solution significantly reduces implementation cost and time.

Get S.M.A.R.T. About Energy Program

        Energy Utility Group offers this unique program for Credit Unions.  Every     Credit Union wants to ‘save money and resources today’, it’s S.M.A.R.T.! This program is a NO COST turn-key solution which creates New LENDING Opportunities for Credit Unions.   This program increases loan volumes, lowers energy costs, and provides members with energy saving & energy efficiency solutions all with the energy expertise of EUG. 

The time is now for Credit Unions to Get S.M.A.R.T. About Energy!

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