About Us

Energy Utility Group has 20 years combined experience in energy deregulation in both wholesale and retail. Energy deregulation creates both advantages and disadvantages to enterprise customers.  Deregulation provides choices and inherent complexities in this emerging industry.  Energy Utility Group's expertise provides customers with a breadth and depth of industry knowledge, product offerings and associated risks, and contract terms to navigate these windows of opportunity in ways that benefit customers now and in the future. 

 Melinda Zito O'Brien 
Melinda Zito O’Brien is the managing member of Energy Utility Group, LLC.  Ms. Zito O’Brien brings 18 years of business and marketing leadership to the company.  She has served as Chief Executive Officer of Acumen BioLogics and Chief Marketing Officer for Advanced Technical Center.  As a business and marketing expert, Melinda rapidly recognizes business opportunities; she develops and executes plans to deliver timely, profitable, and sustainable results to her clients.  Ms. Zito O’Brien has implemented and executed industry aggregation strategies for credit unions, banks, and franchises in deregulated commercial markets.    She realizes and understands the opportunities created by energy deregulation, and is implementing national strategies to reduce the cost of energy for her clients using a fully integrated 'wholistic' approach combining energy procurement, LED lightening, solar, and storage.  Melinda has served on the Board of Directors of Utah Oil Workers Credit Union and The Grand Theatre.  Ms. Zito O’Brien holds a Masters of Business Administration with a Marketing Certificate from Westminster College of Salt Lake City.